Our family is from the USA (Texas & Oklahoma), but we live in Cornwall (England) serving rural churches and communities through full-time Christian charity work.

In 2011, we founded UK for Jesus, a non-profit Christian missions organisation that anyone can donate to directly to help fund our mission in the UK. However, the donations coming in simply don’t cover the expenses going out. To be able to continue this mission, we need supplemental income, or “tent-making” as some call it. The Shop is our tent-making.

The profit from each and every purchase goes directly to sustaining our family, which in turn sustains our mission. And thanks to modern technology, we don’t have to pre-buy and stock expensive inventory. Each item is created for you when you order, so each order immediately makes a difference!

Finally, every design is created by us and most are inspired by people, places and ideas that are meaningful to our family and loved ones. So, you’re getting exclusive, meaningful designs, whilst making an impact. Amazing!

We hope you’ll not only find something unique that you really like, but that you’ll also find fulfilment in knowing you are making a difference.



You are helping people in need. Your purchase funds our Christian charity work in the UK, including poor and rural community support and outreach.


You are helping our family. Your purchase makes an immediate and important financial impact, enabling us to carry on with our mission.


You are getting something special. All our designs are created in-house, so you won’t find them anywhere else!


You are getting the best of both worlds… great merchandise whilst supporting a great cause. Ideal!


It’s the little things — that aren’t so little — that really matter most.
  • Family. It’s a small, family run shop.
  • Quality. We custom design with care and intention.
  • Values. Honesty, integrity and respect are core.
  • Purpose. Every purchase makes a difference.
  • Faith. It’s the foundation of all we are and do.


Over the years, creativity and passion have always been the common thread.

Art - 30 years
Design - 25 years
Ministry - 27 years
Music - 40 years
Life - (Are numbers really that important...?)


Trevor Wade is the creative force behind The Shop. In addition to being a passionate minister and accomplished graphic and web designer, Trevor is a seasoned singer/songwriter. Designing t-shirts to promote his original music was actually the launchpad for this entire idea. One creative design led to another, and here we are. But let’s not forget where it all started!

With moving melodies, memorable lyrics, some good old-fashioned fun and his Texas-style country roots showing through, the stories and songs of Trevor Wade will inspire you. Have a listen at TrevorWadeMusic.com (studio recording currently in progress!).